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Re: Is the doctor right? lab results

Thanks for your reply !

So far apart from the first day, where I had a highish heart rate, and the second day where I was a bit sweaty - not badly, but just kind of felt like a cold sweat (but it has been pretty hot here in oz!) ... I haven't had any side effects!

I have been super busy at work and had to go away for the weekend to work, didn't sleep well, but put that down to the hotel, not the meds.

Not as tired as usual. Still killing myself in the gym and not as exhuasted afterwards (I train over 1 hr per day 6/7 days a week at high intensity, plus beach/surf lifesaving training). No need for afternoon naps so far!

I have made my next appointment for blood test for 4pm. Should I be changing that to a morning so I can fast and not take tablet, or should I be ok if I take tablet in morning and eat lunch?

Thanks again