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Re: Can someone tell me about fistula's?

My situtation is simular: i had (back in may) pain i thought was another kidney infection, went to doc,10 days antibotics,back to doc for follup,found white blood cell count above 4000 so to the er i went.
Two days later they removed my gall bladder (lyposcopic) and found the tumor by the ampula tube, took a biopsy (witch i didnt know about at the time) , sent me home on a friday.went back to work monday good as new!
Then that friday 3 pm got a call at work :We found cancer during you surgery and you have an appointment for monday morning 8 am in St. Louis (150 miles away).
30 day later had the whipple (7 hours surgery),sent home after a week and developed a fistula, during those couple of weeks of healing it drained normally.
Fast-forward, I'm on Chemo treatment number 11 of 12 and it's been rough.
I get 3 hours at the center and they send me home with a pump that delivers small amounts of 5-FU for 46 hours,my wife un-hooks me and 12 days later do it all over again. After the Chemo they want me to do 25 rounds of radiation and my problem is they know the numbers are high (normal smoker 5, mine 9 and hasn't gone down) but cant find where it's coming from. So there solution, radiate the whole surgery area?
My diag. Type 2b with possitive lymp nodes.
Thanks to ladybud, I did not know that is what they call it. When I talked to people about it, I told them I was leaking!