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Re: Starting to think my sinus problem is TMJ instead!

Originally Posted by Nightwarrior View Post
Thanks. My ENT didn't offer me any different antibiotics, I've had 5 now, and I'm also sure that I did have an infection..but I'm wondering now if it was caused by the trapped mucus as a result of the pain. Really hard to tell at the moment.
I have no idea why my Doctors keep throwing more and bigger doses of antibiotics at me. They don't work anyway and the bigger the dose the worse the side effects. My latest course is Tavanic 750 mg (Levofloxicin). It's not working. I'm on day 4 and I don't feel better. Just dizzy and confused. I suppose they are just trying to ease my discomfort by attempting to cure the infection. It's not working though. My ENT even told me last week that I'm not going to get better till I have the surgery. And that the only reason he's prescribing antibiotics at this stage is to keep the infection from spreading. Apparently he can operate while I have a sinus infection but not with a chest infection. He says a sinus infection is like an abscess. And to surgically treat an abscess you wash it out. So he will thoroughly flush and wash out my sinuses next week and that will clear the infection and the trapped mucus.

I definitely think there is a good chance you have trapped mucus. According to most of my Concha Bullosa research that is a common side effect of a concha bullosa. That and pain in the site where the concha bullosa is situated (that's what my GP told me). If you don't get that mucus out it's just going to stagnate and that leads to infection. Why don't you look into a surgical sinus wash. They just put you under general anaesthetic, thoroughly wash out your sinuses and discharge you the same day. A friend of mine had it down about 6 months before her septoplasty and she said it tided her over until the surgery and got rid of most of her pain and symptoms.

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