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Re: tingling and strange sensations in my face so worried

Ok , I may be on to something here ?

Regarding the symptoms recap , I started with sinus , had xray , nothing ....then went for allergy testing , basically nothing showed .....then I thought eyes ? ....was tested by a Optometrist issues in terms of vision ....BUT , he said I will refer you to a specialist [ an opthamologist ] things start to happen . He discovers that I have a type of rosacea and an eye lid condition called blepharitis I start with antibiotic drops and lid care wipes ....I started feeling relief after the two weeks of drops and have now moved to 2 months of oral 250 mlg twice daily of Tetracycline.

The Dr did say that it was chronic and I would have this the rest of my life ??? but if you keep your eye lids as clean as possible it will help keep the build up of dandruff that apparently builds as you age .

There are so many nerve endings that are centralized around the eyes that the tingling affects and sensations of tears can be felt due to the eyelids being clogged and oils backing up in the lids which cause infection ultimately ? hopefully this helps some of you ?...cheers from Canada , Bob

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