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Re: Constant fatigue... I've had it.

Hey! Thanks for the reply! I'm a newbie as well lol.
Well he said that because he wasn't really a doctor.. Anyway I went and saw a real doctor the other day, and she told me to do a bunch of blood tests. I did them and this time my free T4 levels were normal (and so were my TSH levels and my T3 levels). On one hand it's good cause it means my thyroid is ok but on the other it doesn't explain the high free T4 results I had before, nor does it explain the fatigue and the fast heart beat.
My doctor told me to start taking Magnesium and B6 vitamin (which I have for a few days now) and she also referred me to a cardiologist to see why my heart beats fast sometimes. I still haven't been to the cardiologist though.
Have you had similar problems?