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Re: Anyone out there? please help!

Thank you for your reply. I'll give stome more detail. Like I said, I had my Daugherty in July 2012, 2 days after her birth my right shoulder began to worse than my c section incision. By the time we got home 3 days later the pain had spread throughout the shoulder, scapula, underarm. The first MRI I got was in August 2012 of the cervical spine, which showed; spondylotic changes, c4-c5 spur with right lateral recess stenosis&neural faraminal narrowing. C5-c6 spur, right sided bulge. C6c7 left sided bulge, focal thrall sac deformity in c7 nerve root. I'm a little unsure of some of the terminology. I had another MRI OF brachial plexus w contrast. Which showed normal brachial plexus. Also showed patchy edema in the Infraspinatus and teres minor. The first physical therapist I went to written he did testing, thighs two muscles weren't working atty all. I know three suprascapular nerve supplies to thoughs muscles. The emg I had was not very thorough, that's why I'm having a repeat one with a new doc on the 29th. I had ACDF on c4-c5 on Dec.13th 2012, which helped nothing and only had caused more pain. Hope that helps so maybe someone can relate or have any ideas. Thanks