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Re: $1100 bill for UA??

When I got the bill from my pain management clinic for my first UA I almost had a heart attack. It was $1,100 and this was four years ago. My insurance refused to pay any of it as it was not deemed medically necessary. I called the clinic and told them I could not afford to pay this and when they said they would take my insurance I assumed they were agreeing that they would accept what my insurance would pay which in this case was nothing.
They told me not to worry about it and asked me if I would pay $30 for a UA whenever they had to do one. I agreed to that and I have never had a problem since.
I think this charge is ridiculous. I am surprised any insurance would cover it. I am thankful my clinic was understanding. I'm not sure what I would have done had they insisted on me paying this charge. I can't afford that.

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