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Re: Anyone out there? please help!

Originally Posted by Daffydolphin View Post
Sorry for your pain, but there is not enough detail and timeline for us to comment on very much. All I can suggest is, have they looked at your shoulder as a contributing source of your pain? Nerves can be significantly impinged there also.

In addition to my cervical problems, I've had rotator cuff surgery and general shoulder decompression for moderately severe arthritis throughout. Various doctors and surgeons debate whether my continuing shoulder and arm pain is caused by 90% neck-10% shoulder to 60% neck-40% shoulder. They are also at odds over what PT and activities I should do, or should be avoiding.

Your increased pain raising your arm in just the 45-90 degree range is consistent with a shoulder/rotator cuff problem, as well as with cervical nerve impingement at several levels.