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Re: Alternative to Bisphosphonates

HI crkrie, I'm 60 also. I started the SC at maybe 53 after a heel test at a local health fair said i had density loss,i then had a DEXA to confirm it. I took actonel for a couple of months before deciding it was not for me. I started SC shortly after that. Without digging out old lab reports i think my spine score was around -3, maybe a bit more. I learned about SC thru my own research and reading about it on osteo broads. I like the fact that its a natural substance with few side effects. I've been lucky and haven't had any unless you count stronger fingernails and increased bone density. I ordered it online from vitacost, or if you're lucky you can find it where you live. The usual daily dose is 2 caps equaling 680 mg. , but i sometimes alternate 1 cap a day for a week, then 2 a day for a week. It makes them last a bit longer that way.

My doctor doesn't recommend it because its not FDA approved, but he has seen the gains i've made. I know quite a few taking it and they have all done well on it. With the surgery you've had it might be a good idea to talk to a naturopath before starting it. Its never too late to make improvements to your health and well being. Take care, phyllis
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