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Re: anxiety problem?

Originally Posted by plainjane22 View Post
Thank you so much. I reallu appreciate it. It feels good to let this out and talk about it. I almost feel lile that was the first step. I actually have a dr appointment next week. I think its time that I recieve some help. Another quick question? What medications are people usually put on to treat anxiety? I get nervous taking pills.
I was feeeling the exact same way. Always dizy and at the doctor thinking it had to be my ears. Finally he said maybe it's anxiety. He told me to get some exercise and gave me a few Ativan. Easier said then done. I had a 6 month old and 2 year old. We would walk as much as I could. Finally I decided to see someone who could help me more. My psychiatrist is amazing. He gave me a higher dose of Ativan for when I needed it and out me on Lexapro. Within a few weeks I wasn't dizzy and my shortness of breathe went away.