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Re: TMJ + Rib Grafting


I do not know of any web sites, I am sure there are one or two and you just posted this am so give the support site so time for others to answer you and with Hope others that have under gone the RGR with success will answer and maybe lead you in a good direction.

As far as the healing goes, every one is different and from my surgery experiance (July 18, 2012 was number 17 for me) it takes time and is not something you can rush. It also depends on how prepared you are for the surgery, how involved the surgery is, ect. Do you know how many ribs they intend to take? How many stitches you may have? For me, my chest took longer to heal and my movement was VERY restricted so the healing took alot longer. I think it is Great for you to have a positive thinking that if you under go this surgery that in one month you want your "healing" to be at this point.

Stay Positive and again, give this support site some time for others to answer you. My heart goes out to you for the pain you are suffering from. After 17 TMJ surgeries and three sets of TMJ Concepts implants for the first time in over 20 years I am pain and pill free for now. I know the implants could break at any time and the horrid pain can return so I am making the best of every day that I am not fighting pain and discomfort. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! Keep pushing forward and keep researching. TMJ treatment has come so far in just the last 15 years and it just keeps moving forward in a very good way.

Have you tried Tramadol? It is a prescription but it is not a narcotic. I have had great results with it as have a few other on the support site. When I am in pain it is strong enough to help me get it in check without the pain taking me over and it is stronger than OTC.

I really hope you get some answers and this works out for you. Remember, we all have differant experancies and just because a surgery or treatment plan failed for someone else does not mean you will have the same results. TMJ is very different for all of us. We suffer and battle the same medical condition but we all react differently to treatment. My RGR failed due to synovial cyst that my body kept forming for whatever reason and the cyst were so large and heavy they destroyed my bone and made it very weak and brittle. Still today there is no reason I have been given as to why the rib bone just disappeared (reabsorbed) and left the screws. I asked where did it go? Did it go back to my ribs where they cut it from? Also ASK your OS how they intended to remove the rib(s), how many they estimate they will need? These were two questions I FAILED to ask before the surgery and I was taken aback upon waking up in recovery. Mine were sawed out, so the movement of the sawing motion caused me great distress. I felt as if I had been picked up by my rib caged and shook violently. I just had to let it go and move on to another form of treatment. I chose the RGR because at the time I was very fearful of putting objects into my body that were not original. As well as making the decision that I wanted the OS to use my own bone because I just did not think I could walk around with donor bone in my head. I am a "what if" person and for me, I would drive myself crazy with questions and worry.

Keep asking questions and try to make yourself as knowledgeable as you can BUT remember everyone's experience differs so do not let that make your decision for you. I hope you get answers and relief!

Take Care!