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Re: Anyone out there? please help!

My shoulder and arm problems are mostly from severe neural foraminal stenosis at 2 cervical levels, and to a lesser extent moderately severe osteoarthritis in my left shoulder area. Other problems in my cervical area may also be contributing.

EMGs results depend upon the skill and experience of the tester. If it shows a problem with a nerve, then it is 99.9% certain you have a problem with that nerve. EMGs miss things. If the nerve is not exhibiting a problem at the moment of the test, it looks fine. My first EMG showed absolutely nothing wrong.

I do not know what to say about your surgeon !?*#?!. I will let others who have had a single level ACDF respond. You can also look for postings/stories here at Spinal Cord Disorders or in the forums over at spine-health. An often quoted expectation about pain relief after spinal fusion is: 1/3rd get good pain relief, 1/3rd get very little change, and 1/3rd get worse.

I know results, recovery, pain varies greatly by the exact surgical situation and the patient's age and overall spinal and general health.

I am 64, and putting off cervical surgery as long as possible. I have seen 3 surgeons. My surgery would involve fusing (ACDF) 4 or 5 levels plus other procedures in 1 or 2 surgeries. I was told there was between a 25% to 40% probability of a net significant pain reduction, but a greater probability of significantly more net pain after a miserable 6 to 18 month recovery period (1 or 2 surgeries). All 3 surgeons said, if it was them, they would not voluntarily have the surgery.

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