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Re: Anyone out there? please help!

hi FHL-

Your doctors have FAILED you miserably. That surgeon who told you 99% are helped/cured, i dont recall from your post which lie he proclaimed. and to imply you are a drug addict because you are in pain, you physically SUFFERING-what part didn't he get i do not know. But i will tell you they ALL do that(doctors)when their treatment/surgery does not work-they twist it around and somehow it's your fault-the old "you just wanted me to give you narcotics" or "you are a drug addict" or"pain medicines never work", and on and on. My PM told me these doctors refuse to educate themselves.

My PM told me their are many reasons people have pain; the most common one being post-traumatic, and then there is pain as a result of no trauma but can become severe enough that one will seek out medical help and most are the type who never evan go to doctors. The minute you mention pain now a days(and you can thank the war on drugs and the heavy hand of DEA=you will have a hard time fining a legitamate doctor to even listen to you. They are just not comfy. But there are plenty of good Specialists out there you will find one too if you are persistant and dont ever give up.

I came upon my PM due to traumatic injury which left me in indescribable horrible pain, and before I found him I was told similar rediculous stuff-and i just gave up and was ready to put a bullet in my brain-but my husband would'nt have any of that so one thing led to another, any how thus my getting an apt with whom was the best around.(I came to find out later-God answered my prayers)

Well to make an already long story short this man saved my life. he scoured over all my records/tests tried me on numerous drugs til we found what helped best; and not just narcotics-2 of the prescrived meds are narcotics and the other 4 are not; he also has me on regimen of essential minerals/vitamins/aminos/omega 3-have cut out all preservatives and glutens an dairy. First I was able to get out of bed and shower by myself, then , make dinner for my family, sit thru a movie. go out to a movie! things you take for granted.

I do everything my PM asks and my pain is really managed well' as long as i dont over do it and remember-my body has permanent injuries and i must take care of it as per my PM Specialists insrtuctions. My PM told me that it is absolutely criminal to prescibe any narcotic pain medicines without also supplementing the patient with minerals/vits and the others i mentioned-cuz pain meds deplete our bodies of these so we must supplement-and it is impossible to get the minerals we need from the food we eat because the soil we grow in has been depleted of the minerals we need-so we must supplement these essential-and when i say essential I mean we cannot be healthy without them-i-this all true-I have the best Pain Specialist in the world I think.

I could go on and on about what he has taught me and how well my pain is managed; i have bad days; but that's how pm goes. If you want to read somethings that are interesting by a Dr Joel Wallach look up "dead doctors dont die" Good Luck friend.
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