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Pvc's causing svt's???

About 6 months ago i was diagnosed with superventricular tachycardia following being rushed into a&e with a heart rate of 190. I was put on beta blockers (cardicor??) for about a month, had an echo heart scan which came back normal & later diagnosed as being aneamic & having GERD. My worries regarding my heart appeared to be over as both these conditions include a fast heart rate amongst their symptoms.
However 2 weeks ago i began to feel missed beats (pvc...? Sorry am new to this!) and fluttering in my chest, at worse the pvcs were happening with every 2nd beat. This happened all night whilst resting which i tried to ignore but at one point i experienced an svt attack, my heart started pounding fast & i felt like i was going to collapse. It only lasted about a minute but i was petrified of it happening again. Since then i've had a few more nights of having pvc's & am awaiting for a heart monitor from my doctors.
I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice on why the pvc's caused my heart to go into a svt & should i be worried?
Thanks, Alison.

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