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Angry Elevated Liver Enzymes

alright so I am going to post and run to bed and I am sorry about that and if there are any mistakes in my post, I am sorry but it is almost 2 am. Last Wednesday I went to the ER for some of the worst pain I have ever experienced (I have had a child and gallbladder attacks that led to having my gallbladder removal so I am no stranger to pain). The pain was in my lower chest/upper abdomen, extended up into my right shoulder, the right side of my neck, and into my back on the right side. When I went to the ER it was the second time I had the pains that day and both times it lasted for about half an hour or so. The ER checked to see if I had a heart attack and then ran blood work to double check that it wasn't a heart attack. They said that everything looked fine but to see my doctor in 5-6 days. I took a copy of the lab work home with me and looked over them after I got settled in at home. Here were the things that were abnormal with my labs ranges.

MPV - 10.6 fL (7.4-10.4 fL)
Eosinophils - 4.0% (1.0-3.0%)
Absolute Eosinophils 0.4 K/uL (0.0-0.3 K/uL)
ALT(SGPT) - 75 U/L (9-52 U/L)
AST (SGOT) - 71 U/L (14-36 U/L)

Everything else that they had tested for came back normal. Now let me list conditions/diseases I suffer from and the medications I take for them, plus any other vitamins and such I take.

Diabetes (Metformin)
High Blood Pressure (Metoprolol)
High Cholesterol (Simvistatin)
Migraines (Topimax & Imitrex)
Anxiety (Celexa)
Philips Colon Health Probiotic
One-A-Day Daily Multivitamin

I'm 24. I've been diabetic since 2010 diagnosis (which at the time my ALT was 23 and my AST was 22). I know I have a lot of things working against me here that could actually be causing the elevated liver enzymes and I know they aren't THAT elevated, but compared to what they were in 2010. I go to see my doctor Thursday afternoon and was hoping someone could post something to ease my mind until then.

As far as I know there is no history of liver problems in my family, now lung, bladder, pancreas, gallbladder, heart..those are all a different story...genetics are a b***h and they sure are working against me, I'm just trying my hardest to fight back. I mean in the last 2 years I've lost 80 lbs and am now only considered overweight instead of morbidly obese. That is quite an accomplishment in itself.

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