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Re: I'm obsessively suspicious of my fiance

Thanks everyone for your comments. Although it wasn't what I really wanted to hear. SO far, everything has been great with him, he got a new phone number, and has not been hiding his phone messages (he's not really getting any anyways). The thing is, and what I didn't tell you, is that he is not american, and he comes from a small village on a tropical island. So everybody knows everybody (from neighboring villages too). I know that many women were after him before me and him got together and i actually do believe him when he tells me that they sometimes do still call (before he changed his number). Maybe I am just gullable, because i love him so much. But I have no other signs that he is cheating or dishonest with me. He very clearly loves me and shows it everyday and there is rarely a time when i dont know where he is. I think he was being a bit shady before with the phone messages, and maybe he allowed girls to call him more than he should have. I really don't know. But what do you think, has he made up for his previous behavior by changing his number?