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Sinus surgery?

Hi all.
Im a 29 year old female and I have been recommended to undergo FESS and septoplasty. I am wondering if this seems reasonable based on the information below? Or should I get a second opinion? I would like my symptoms gone and am relieved to have finally had an ENT take me seriously but the surgery seems like a big deal. Thanks!

My symptoms are frequent frontal headaches (between my eyebrows, and when they get bad involve pressure behind my eyes, probably at least once a fortnight im knocked out for at least a day if not more by one, and theres a constant 'awareness' of that region even when im not in heaps of pain) and get frequent sinus infections, at least 4 a year. My nose always feels blocked, I am constantly sniffing but if I blow my nose there isnt really much to blow out, and it kinda feels like the lining of my nose is dry and irritated. ANd i have postnasal drip and always get really bad coughs when ive been sick that can last for months. This is been for years, I had a CT and saw an ENT in 2008/9 who just said to use sinus rinses and saline spray and then a sterioidal spray if that doesnt work. I've tried the saline sprays and rinses. Ive tried rhinocort aqeuous but stopped after 2 weeks as made my nose so dry there was blood when I blew my nose. Maybe i haven't tried them all long enough but it hasnt really gotten better. Ibuprofen and paracetamol dont do much for the headaches.

An in-office endoscopy showed a deviated septum to the right (its usually my right eye where I feel the pressure during the headaches).

Recent CT report is as follows:
Nasal bony septum deviated to the right. Ostiomeatal complex is patent on both sides. Minor mucosal thickening involves floor of left maxillary sinus due to chronic sinus disease. There is no air fluid level. Remaining sinuses are clear. No evidence of acute sinusitis. Bones are intact. No soft tissue mass. Nasal passage is clear. Conclusion: Mild left maxillary chronic sinus disease.

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