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Re: Am I a nymphomaniac?

Originally Posted by HD1983 View Post
Thank you for the compassionate responses, I'm looking to get better after the recent STD scare that I had, I understand that my behavior is extremely dangerous and is hurting me and other people, some of the men that I've slept with have been either married or in long term relationships, and afterwards I've felt guilty.

Currently I'm not going to a regular counselor and I'm also not taking medications like I definitely should, I went through a whole "Therapists and medications are for crazy people" phase when I was in my mid 20's and things have kind of went downhill for me since.
Hd, I knew a lady at my church that quit taking her meds & seeing the dr, she had only one of your diagnoses & every 5-6 days we would be called upon to search for her, find her to make sure she wasnt dead because she would just disappear or usually call that she was in trouble.She lied to herself also & quit her medications, was too trusting, took risks with strangers, she was awesome with the childrens groups in my opinion she had a loving family, friends but took it all for granted. One Saturday she was not ever found again, she was 27. I hope that you will get the help that you need, its so easy just to go to the dr & take medicine because we are so blessed in this country, help is readily available to us