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Re: Sinus surgery?


I'm a 29 year old female too and I have virtually the same symptoms that you have. Except in my case I've had a chronic sinus infection for 3 months. Before that it was just reoccurring.

As far as I know, sinus surgery is a last resort where medication has failed. And with cases of breathing difficulty, it's quite necessary. I also have a deviated septum to the right as well as concha bullosa. For years medication did work for me but eventually it wasn't working anymore and I got sicker and sicker, with shorter gaps of time in between the infections.

If you say that the saline rinses/sprays etc aren't working then maybe you should consider it. Maybe also do some reading online about it. I believe a septoplasty (which is the procedure you would need to fix a deviated septum) is considered quite a minor procedure as far as surgery goes. According to my ENT it's not even "proper" sinus surgery as they don't go into the sinuses, he calls it "sinus passage" surgery.

If it would help you, I'm having a Septoplasty and Turbinate surgery next week Tuesday. I'll keep you updated about how it goes and where it helps my condition