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Re: Sinus surgery?

Hey, good luck with that. Just an FYI, for some people that deviated septum work can open a new set of issues. I always recommend looking at every possible alternative before that first go round under the knife. Rinse isn't working, too bad. You may look at the peroxide flushing, give it a try. You aren't out anything other than a couple of bucks for the peroxide but don't mix it strong. Try accupuncture/chiropractic and if you haven't been tested get checked for allergies. I still had issues with thick mucus after my last surgery so I started taking clariton, then luck. They put me on a medicine that allergy/Asthma patients use and it's helped a lot. I know all of these suggestions seem a little crazy and a bit like grabbing at straws but my issue was scar tissue after my deviated septum surgery. I know some people don't have any problems after that procedure. Knowing what I do now, I wish I would have tried a few more alternative approaches before the knife. Also, you may ask about the balloon. It wasn't successful for me last year but as I mentioned I have scar tissue issues from multiple surguries before, for you it may work. Good luck.

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