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Re: Osteoarthritis

Sorry no one has responded.

Osteoarthritis can develop at almost any age, especially if any of your joints have been injured. Certainly morbid obesity will also put extra strain on your joints and wear them out faster. We've had people here who have had this happen.....including myself. Not morbidly obese but obese and wore out my knees pretty fast.

But here is the "rub" with OA. We think that staying off the joint will help it but it doesn't actually makes it worse. Joint cartilage requires the constant infusion of joint fluid all through the cartilage to keep it working and it gets that infusion by us moving our joints. That pressing and squeezing motion of movement and pressure, is what keeps the cartilage from falling apart. We stop moving out of pain and it stops that cleansing motion of fluid into the cartilage and accelerates the cartilage falling apart and the pain.

So if you can get up and walk regularly and move all your joints regularly, it will hurt at first but the pain will go away with time as you move.

And some of your pain may be the muscles. The less you move, the weaker the muscles get and then when you do move, they are strained. Muscles spasms hurt terribly and may be more of what you feel than anything else, especially in your spine.

I would try to find a good physical therapist who can work with you and if you can, find a physical therapy establishment that has a warm water therapy pool(not hydrotherapy but a real therapy pool). At 92* and only 3-4ft deep, they are wonderful for moving those aching joints, soothes the muscle spasms and may even help you lose some weight.