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Re: Pancreatic cancer

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My mother in law has just been diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer. I would really like to know what to expect in the coming weeks. She is currently jaundiced and has very little appetite - eats maybe 1/4 cup of food at a time. Any advice would be appreciated.
I am the care taker of my mom. (Shes 50) She was told she had stage 4 also and this was 9 mths ago. She was told that she wouldnt live longer than 5 mths with or without chemo. She isnt doing chemo. I have never known anyone with cancer and this is the hardest thing ever. My mom is just now getting to where she isnt eating and she throws up alot. She can hardly swallow water or food. She eats apple sauce and drink smoothes. It seems like after the 9 mths we have been through that its happening very fast now. She is covered in purple blotches on her face and arms. Which hospice tells us is liver spots. Showing that her liver is shutting down. From my understanding with hospice, once jaundice hits mom along with these liver spots then she wont be here much longer. Last week she started losing the ability to bend down and to walk farther than across the room. Her bones seem to be shutting down, her arms are so sore and she cant lift them. She sleeps so much, maybe up 3 hrs a day. She cries alot. She says shes so afraid. I think alot of the depression is setting in. How old is your mother in law? Im sure you are already in contact with hospice. I am so sorry for what your family is going through. I havent been able to enjoy these past 9 mths with mom because I am spending everyday wondering if its her last. So just try to enjoy everyday. I dont know if I helped any but this is some of the things mom is going through now. Praying for you.

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