Thread: Sinus surgery?
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Re: Sinus surgery?

Based on the CT scan results (mild left maxillary chronic sinus disease), there is NO WAY you should be considering surgery without a second opinion and a clear understanding of exactly what the surgeon is going to do and why it's necessary.

In the meantime, you should definitely be doing saline rinses with a sinus rinse bottle ow neti pot at least twice a day, and you should definitely be using Rhinocort daily (for more than 2 weeks).

Your best bet before surgery would be trying to get to the bottom of what's causing your sinus inflammation. It could be allergies (have you been tested), environmental irritants (chemicals, sprays, etc.) or even acid reflux (which can cause sinus inflammation and post-nasal drip).

I would STRONGLY recommend against peroxide rinses - they are very irritating and, while they might help if you have a bacterial infection, my ENT (who is very open minded and has even recommended some alternative treatments) told me I would be nuts to even try them.