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Re: anxiety getting me down


I would highly recommend searching out a new therapist. CBT therapy has proven to be very effective for many people. I can relate on work being stressful and feeling at the end of your rope, but it is necessary to keep moving forward. (can be very challenging). You are a strong person and you can overcome this anxiety. If your medication isn't working as effectively speak to your doctor about getting a different one. I personally have never taken any medication for my anxiety so I cannot be much help there.

Try to find time in your day to relax, whether it just be 10 minutes. Do some deep breathing exercises. "Belly breathing" helps me when I am in midst of an anxiety attack. Put your hand right above your diaphram and feel it rise and fall with every deep breathe. It takes time to conquer anxiety but once we start to relax ourselves and bring our underlying anxiety levels down our symptoms generally start to diminish as well. Best of luck to you.