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Personality and other changes after gastric bypass surgery?

My husband had gastric bypass surgery (RNY), approximately three years ago. He lost right around 100 lbs and has kept it off, so no issue there. He's had crazy issues with blood sugar - according to the endocrinologist he has too much insulin circulating so it can cause these crazy crashes where his blood sugar dips very low. If he eats regularly and maintains his protein he is fine.

Until Jan 1 of this year, he had become what I would definitely call a functioning alcoholic. Although not functional at all while he was drinking. He would get completely blottoed at minimum 3-4 times a week. Oddly enough, never really a hangover or anything. But he would slur, stumble around and just generally look like a skid row drunk. He finally realized he had a problem and quit on Jan 1. We'll see if it lasts...but that's not the reason for my message.

I just read an article this week about the real emotional issues that cause weight gain to begin with (although let me say I do not believe everyone eats out of emotional issues - but I do think it's true in his case). Then when food can no longer be used to medicate as it did before, the person moves to something else, oftentimes alcohol, as in my husband's case.

Even generally speaking, I think his personality has changed. He is much more irritable and can be irrational sometimes too. Has anyone experienced this with loved ones or even in yourself? He's a different man.I would be thrilled to hear any other opinions here. There are days I feel like I'm going crazy or imagining things, especially if I listen to him.

Thanks for any input!

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