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Re: armour dosage question

Originally Posted by Bran'sNana View Post
It just could be you need your FT3 at the top of the range, who knows to feel right?Are you a young woman? My doc said my needs might change with age and i won't need mine as high as I did 6 years ago. That definitely was true last month. I convert too but on levothyroxine my FT4 was way up,like 1.70 but my FT3 was only at 3.4. I felt horrible at this combo. I'm much better with lower FT4 and higher FT3 for whatever reason and think that's how I was most of my life. My younger daughter who is 33 is starting to show signs of thyroid probs and her labs mimic mine. T-4 doesn't matter to her it seems but her FT3 has been 2.8 and it's been 3.7. She feels much better when the FT3 is up there. She says she's not in a fog, can get things done, has ambition,she feels way better mentally. When her FT3 is at the bottom,she feels tired,depressed, no get up and go. She's a writer and can't even get a sentence written when she's low, like she's just stuck... she said she just stares at the computer. She has her labs checked periodically and her symptoms correspond with the FT3. I'm so glad she has some kind of base to be able to, in the future know what she was at when she felt good. Boy....I wish I knew that then!
i feel okay in regards to depression, brain fog, that t3 is supposed to help with. but here are my recent labs: you might be right, might need some t3 in the mix.

been 6 weeks on 37 mcg of synthroid:

recap on last labs:

tsh 0.69 (0.30-3)
free t3 3.75 (2.5-3.9)
free t4 0.81 (0.58-1.64)

recent labs:
tsh 1.13 (0.3-3)
free t3 3.15 (2.5-3.9) free t3 went down
free t4 0.95 (0.58-1.64)
tpo 1224 (<60)
tgab 201 (<60)
vitamin d 66.1 (20-49) HIGH
dropping to 2000 iu of vitamin d3 a day instead of 5000 now