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New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS

Hi, I have been on the board a few times reading as much info as I can. My Family Doctor suspects I have MS and is sending me to a Neurologist at the end of February. Short History. Last march I started having tingling in my upper arm, chest and face. Family doctor sent me for an MRI (June). Results came back stating it could be MS but wanted a follow up MRI done 6 mths later. I had the second MRI this past Dec and the MRI came back the same as the first so he says he says its MS. Hence the Neurologist appointment. I do have problems with tingling in my both legs and lower back and burning pain in both upper thighs. I do have sicatic problems as well as an artifical hip, scoliosis (18 degree curve) and well as 4 bulging disks in my back. I do see a Phycial therapist, chriopractor on a regular basic. The only medication on am currently on is antiflammitorys. Any suggestions on how to deal with the pain/burning or any suggestions if my doctor is right just by going my the MRI. PS. I do find that a heating paid does help with my sicatic pain. Thanks in advance for any info you can share.

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