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Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS

Welcome and thanks for posting!

Family doctors do various rotations in Medical School which allows them to see many different cases. I think the referral is a good help towards getting resolution. Your disc and scoliosis could certainly be related. IF you have MS, I would encourage you to eliminate chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic treatments can worsen an MSers symptoms. At least wait until you have had a full diagnosis.

I am glad you find the heating pad helpful. My sciatic pain would be unbearable without my heating pad. If your pain is nerve pain, there are few effective treatments available. My pain settles in my left hip and my current pain has continued since August. For the burning sensation, I stick with the heating pad too because I believe that the relief comes when the nerves get over stimulated by the heat and just "shutdown". For burning sensations in my arms or hand, for me these are summer time problems and a nice cold soak usually handles the problem.

I also have found that during the winter the lower temperatures can bring on problems. For me it happens when the temperature falls below 52 F (11.11 C). It can affect my legs, but not as bad as my head and hands. I dress in layers and add or subtract as needed to maintain a comfortable feeling. Most days in the winter I will wear my sock cap indoors and outdoors.

I hope you get the right answers.

Please note that the MRI on its own should never be the sole diagnostic tool. You are being done a tremendous disservice if your doctors are relying on the MRI alone because there is no specific test for MS. The neurologist needs to see your MRI, but a number of disease probabilities in addition to your current physical problems needs to be excluded before a diagnosis can be made. Again, WELCOME!! And thanks for sharing.
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