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Re: My Tg is still 24

OK got my labs back.

Tg went from 24 to 22.7. Not much of a drop, but at least it is a drop.

FreeT4 0.8 (0.6-1.6)
Free T3 3.1 (2.1-3.6)
TSH 1.33 (0.34-5.60)

So obviously my TSH has gone up. Not sure why.

A little drop in the Tg! Maybe he will just tell me to wait and see. He did say last time he would probably zap me again, but maybe he didnt really mean it!

My T4 is pretty low though. The GP wants me to up my Synthroid to 200 mcg from 175. ENT hasn't weighed in as of yet.

Appt with him on 5th. GP was the one who called me with the results.

I really hate waiting though. It is not one of my strong points, which is not good with this disease!
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