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Re: Adult PE tubes for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Originally Posted by ohmit89 View Post
I dont suffer from Autophony, however I am afraid I may get it after tube insertion. Although I am interested in hearing about the possible causes.
You probably know the 2 well known causes - PET and SCDS!

The docs I have seen told me the following can cause autophony:-

- ET dysfunction (e.g, blocked, opposite of PET).
- Perilymph Fistula.
- Altered inner ear fluid dynamics.
- Altered inner or middle ear mechanics (e.g, trauma to the hearing bones).
- Intracranial hypertension.
- Intracranial hypotension.
- Thinning of the inner ear canals, doesn't have to be a hole like SCDS.

Back on topic. I am as sure as can be, that in my case, TMJ is playing a part in my ET dysfunction. Prior to my operations, I did have the clicking, it started a short time after the onset of TMJ.

Do you have TMJ?