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Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS

Hi. Welcome to healthboards.
First thing you want to do is stop seeing the chiropractor. Chiropractic care is not recommended in case you have MS, because any manipulation of the spine, can cause nerve damage if in fact the nerves are already precarious with disease.
You asked about the MRI. There is something called the revised McDonald criteria, which is what all doctors folllow in order to give a MS diagnosis- the first step is a MRI of the spine and brain, with and without contrast. When you see this neurologist, if he orders the MRI for you, ask for both tests, with and without contrast and if he says no to any of it, ask why not......seeing lesions in the spine or brain is the most important step towards finding out if you have MS...if contrast isnt used, then "active" lesions, which will glow under contrast might be missed...
There are 400 diseases which mimic MS, so just having "something" show up isnt enough, they will then need to eliminate other diseases. MS is usually diagnosed by elmininating all the tests which can be eliminated. Things like Lupus, RA, Fibro and brain infections are all easily enough eliminated. Vitamin deficiencies can cause the numbness and tingling as well. If you havent already had blood work, thats probably next.

Go get the MRi- its a very important test. And let us know what happens!
Thinking of you and sending you happy wishes for a quick resolution.
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