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Re: Raw Rectum

Do you have any free health clinics for the poor where you live? If not, I would try going thru a minor emergency clinic anyway. If they turn you down, at least you tried. If they except you, let them send you a bill. In the mean time, well. There is a cream use on babies for diaper rash, I beleive it is call desetin cream. It's a medicated cream that really coats the area and give it a chance to heal. If it works on a babies raw bottle/anus and scrotum, it just might help you. If you can't find that brand, just ask in the pharmacy for a diaper rash cream. I've had a simular problem some years ago. I used corn starch. It is found on the baby isle in your grocery store. It comes in a powder. Yep just powdered my bottom/anal area and under shorts. Kept the area good and dry. That usually worked. So, you can try the dry method, or the cream! Maybe one of them will put you on the road to recovery.