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Unhappy I need help. Please help me!

First of all, I love this board, absolutely love the science, the facts behind it. But I am so confused, basically tired of all the info I have read. I have no science background and feel lost in all this. Also, I have had information overload from all new and old theories of fat loss, some say do slow carb, some say be gluten free, some say eat lots of fat, some don't touch sugar, some talk about no to little exercise, some talk about running at max heart rate 5 days a week. I am honestly breaking down.

I am only 33 years old, I am 75 pounds overweight, have high blood pressure and am pre-diabetic (even came out positive for diabetes in a fasting test once). I am tired all day, no mental capacity, and here I was a bright guy and now I can't even think clearly.

I need your help. A few kind souls, could you kindly help me in providing a clearly laid out structure of diet and exercise that I should follow to lose all this weight and come out of prediabetes and help with my hypertension. or could you kindly answer these questions, point by point, in easier to understand details. I will be extremely grateful to you:

1) So should I stick with slow carb but high protein diet, or how about high fat diet with slow carb or gluten free diet. Please let me know what kind of diet should a human being stick to all their life for better health and to lose weight. Please, kindly break it down into details as how many calories in total per day rough estimates of how many from protein, carbs and fat? and anything else you could think of.

2) Is there certain kind of "nutrient" I should not consume at all or mostly stay away from like fructose, transfat, Gluten? What kind of stuff would be a strict no-no? Please share as much as you can. Please.

3) Does Omega 3 supplements are really good for cardiac health and weight loss too? If yes, then how much should be consumed everyday?

4) What about exercise, should I do High Intentsity weight training everyday? Or cardiac aerobic exercises everyday? Strength training, weight training, resistance training, what exactly and how much?

5) What's up all the insulin sensitivity, insensitivity and resistance. What's the best way to deal with it, make it perfect so that it doesn't harm me. What kind of exercise, diet makes it better so that it doesn't effect my organs and physical health. My blood pressure seemed to be caused by sugars I think.

6) Is there a really blueprint of diet and exercise humans should do or shouldn't do. Please help me.

Please forgive me for all the confusion but please do share everything and anything you know. PLEASE HELP ME SAVE MY LIFE. Please and thank you!

- A very confused and broken man.

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