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Re: armour dosage question

I was on 25 mcg of synthroid prior to 37 mcg. I did not feel better last month, I've gradually gone to feel better this month but no where near optimal. 37 mcg is not a therapeutic dose apparently learning from posters on here. Im going to bump down to 2000 units as advised by my doctor because its too high. yes, i had TSI antibodies tested in october 89 (<140). I no longer feel as hyper as i did when that lab (tsi) was drawn.

all in all, i think i need to give synthroid 50 mcg a try. slow and steady for sure.

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Now, were you on nothing before this or 25? It's funny, your tsh went up,FT3 went down but your FT4 came up.Did you feel better last month? Your tpo's are high like mine. My range for the vitamin D goes from 30-100. Mine was 43 after taking 1600 for a few months I bumped up to 2,000. That sounds like what you should do too,yup. Do you have Graves antibodies as well (TSI)?