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Re: is celiac diagnosis worth the trouble?

Hi: lots of doctors say you must have a biopsy to confirm celiac, but my own doctor disagreed - I did have the blood test before I switched to a gluten free diet (in fact I had it the very day he suspected I might have celiac and had the results within a few days). It showed overwhelming evidence that celiac was present, and his advice was to go onto a gluten free diet right away, as you have done, and if I felt better, then I should stay on it, rather than go back to eating gluten with all the problems that can cause. His view was that it didn't really matter all that much whether I had celiac or severe gluten intolerance/allergy, either way avoidance of gluten was the only 'cure'. That was 12 years ago and I have been gluten free ever since (apart from a few occasions when I was fed gluten by mistake by clueless restaurants) and feel great. Hope this helps

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