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Re: Put my heart out there after it was broken before and now I am devistated again

A friend had an interesting perspective on my present troubles .They said that I had been destroyed by my wife having the affair (true enough) .I had just started to get my legs under me after that when along came love unexpectedly. It took me some time to allow this love to get through to my soul as I was scared .Then BLAMMMM!!! This love walks away because they themselves are scared of being hurt again . I am the full time father for the past 4 years of one son ,now 17 yrsd old .My younger son has jsut left for a week with his mother .I try my damndest to think positive and have had many conversations with the big guy upstairs .I have reached out to friends as well .I will get past this but right now I am struggling ."I cant go on" was not as bad as it sounded ,sorry . I am just struggling as I thought I had found happiness with someone again .