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Re: Horrible at de-stressing... any advice would be helpful :)

Originally Posted by Shellmcl3 View Post
I am no good when it comes to stressing out, I feel like I'm always stressing about something. I'm always carrying the weight of my work on my shoulders or the weight of money's always something. As I get older I notice that its not as easy to deal with this constant stress. I am awful at relaxing or doing anything to de-stress, could someone give me some advice please? Thanks!
Aaahhhh...stress. One of my famous addictions. Eventually, you will also learn to not sweat the small stuff. Here's how I see it now....You are exactly where you are supposed to be in life right now. All of the stress you're causing yourself are your lessons in life that teach you to become stronger. Once you learn the will not be repeated. You're not awful at de-stressing at just aren't channeling the energy that stress gives you in a good way. I'm not sure how old you are, but for instance....when you feel like you're going to burst, breakdown or scream....use that energy in a walk, or run or housework, or painting or whatever you can think of that will take your mind off of the bad stress and move it to good energy. For every stressing thought that you have....counter it with a positive thought such as.....I'm not sure how I'm going to pay that bill by tomorrow......the positive thought....I will worry about it tomorrow and enjoy today. If i can't make the full payment, then maybe I could manage a partial payment. But...always WILL work out. Ever hear of the saying, "You get back what you put out"? I can tell that you're a good person and when you stress and worry about other people and other things....that wonderful concern will come back to you. Just know that you're never alone. Everyone has an angel.