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Re: Osteoarthritis

And to add to the great advice you've gotten so far....Percocet may not relieve the never did for me. Ibuprofen only takes a little of the edge if I take the max dose or 800mgs.

Sometimes the only thing to do is lose some weight.

I finally did lose when I needed an MRI and I didn't fit in the machine...something you too may face. It hit me that what if it was cancer and not just a bad knee or back? What if I couldn't be diagnosed or treated because I didn't fit in the darn machine. So I lost a bunch of the weight and lost a lot of my pain too. But I already had totaled out my knees. Too late for my knees but not too late for yours. If you think your arthritis hurts now...just wait. And having both knees have no idea how badly it hurts.

Trust me. losing weight is easy in comparison.