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Re: carb question for a diabetes 2 person

Since everyone is different and their body processes carbs differently, there is no single carb count that works for all type 2 diabetics. Your goal should be to eat the amount of carbs that keeps your numbers in a health range and as close to non-diabetic numbers as possible to prevent diabetic complications. Carb sensitivity is not related to weight, but rather how much insulin your pancreas produces and how insulin resistant you are.

I'm thin, but very insulin resistant, yet there are obese people without insulin resistance who don't have to watch carbs. To figure out how many carbs you can handle, you need to get a meter and start testing your blood sugars after meals. Ideally, you want to avoid spikes over 140mg/dl because there is evidence that blood sugars over 140mg/dl over time cause damage.

In the beginning, it's probably best to test before each meal and at 1hr and 2hr after to see how your body responds to your meal. You'll be able to see how foods affect you and reduce carbs accordingly. Starchy foods like rice, cereals, pasta, bread, and foods made with white flour basically turn into pure sugar in the blood stream and will usually need to be restricted or cut out of your diet.

Some people can only eat 30g of carbs or less to keep their numbers in a healthy range and others can eat 100g or more. The only way to know what your body can handle is to get a meter and test. Once you figure out what foods spike you and what foods are safe, you won't have to test as often. Generally foods like meats, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, and green veggies won't raise your blood sugar as much.
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