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Thank you so much for your reply reachout. You remind me of my sister, she is always telling me that I am a strong woman and how much life is waiting for me if I just reach out and take it.
I know my relationship is unhealthy, it has been for a long time. I've been with this man for 14 years, half my life. That's one thing that keeps me whereI am. Also we just had our first child, she's six months old. I grew up without my father. I know how devistating that is and how it effects every aspect of a little girls life, I don't want that for her. But I also WILL NOT have her see my husband and I fight or treat me the way he does. I also don't want her to have a drugged up mommy. I feel like everything just happened so quickly. My arm just quit working and had severe pain right after she was born, I had surgery to try and correct it but it didn't work. And everything with him just went to hell. Maybe its because I started to stand up for myself finally, because I have someone besides myself to think of. Her did finally agree to go to marriage counseling, we go next week. I pray it helps us. Things will be better for a few days and then another episode will happen of stealing from me our lying to my face,etc.
I know that I Ann a great mother. I do everything I can for her. She is my motivation to stop this behavior.
I've never been more honest with anyone in my life as I'm being with you right now. That's really sad. J don't want to feel sorry for myself or let this define me. Like you said though it is scary. All off it is. Please Reply back.

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