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Re: Osteoarthritis

I'm just so lost. I think my problem goes farther than wear and tear. I think mine is worse due to the level of uric acid in my blood. I mean I haven't been the most active person my whole life but I haven't just lounged my whole life either. I know everyone is different but I can't figure out why my hip is the worst part of my pain. I thought I read that the back is usually the worst. My hip aches on the outside of my body but I feel it to most towards my pelvic region. Oh and why do the joints crack when I get up? Is that something that will go away as I lose weight? My story is a sad one because I lost over 100 pounds from May of 2010 to March of 2011 and gained it back because of a different foot problem I had. The reason I figured percocet would work for me now is because of how early of a stage I'm in. I read where pain meds help earlier on. I'm kind of flabbergasted because I always thought osteoarthritis came on one joint at a time and when multiple started hurting I assumed it was a different kind of arthritis. So I'm guessing getting into the warm pool at my local gym is the best bet but what about a stationary bike? I read where getting your heart rate up helps and I just can't see myself being able to get my heart rate up in the pool now. When I was able to swim laps I could get it going but I doubt now.

Oh and when will I know if I need anti-inflammatories? I mean how will I feel I guess is the main question.

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