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Re: Sinus surgery?

Im certainly not rushing into it, especially as the CT report didnt seem to show much asides from deviated septum and the mucosal thickening.
I guess I just wonder if its still worth getting the surgery, at least the septoplasty? I certainly feel as if I dont breathe properly, and when the ENT did an in office endoscope he couldnt go into my right nostril as far as he usually could because of the septum encroaching into my right sinuses. And I dont think its allergies, as i dont sneeze that much (unless ive been swimming in a pool) and dont have itchy eyes. I still will get allergy tests first just to eliminate it (do have a family history of allergies).

How long should I use rhinocort aqueous to really decide if its helping me? I stopped using it last time cos it made my nose so dry it bled.

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