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Bone pain scattering around the right side of body only

Sorry, this is gonna be a long one.

About 8 months ago I started noticing pain in my right hip. It was very localized; right on the boney part that sticks out. About one month later, the same deep dull pain started in my upper arm and shoulder. It bothered me off and on, not a constant pain so I didnt feel the need to rush to the doctor.

About three months into this I was at my regular doctor and mentioned it to him. He sent me to a sports medicene doctor who saw me a montrh later. By the time I was able to see him I had also developed the same kind of pain in my back; thoracic region just inline and slightly below my shoulder blade. So now I have hip, shoulder, upper arm and back pain. This doctor pushed on the area on my back and I about jumped off the table it hurt so bad. He says, yep, you have displaced ribs. Huh? There was never any trauma, fall, pulled or stained muscle.....nothing. He says it can happen and sent me for manuel PT. He also ordered an MRI of cervical spine and brain because at this point I also have numbness and tingling in all the places. MRI was fine.

I did PT for months and still no relief so I took myself to an orthopedic for x rays. Ortho says no way did I have dislocated ribs. At this point, the hip pain is intermittent, but the arm, shoulder and back is nearly constant. My spine exray was "beautiful". I wanted to punch him in the face. Not because I want something to be wrong, but I want a reason for the pain! Its so frustrating! I am going for a spine MRI in a few days and hoping to get answers.

Has anyone experienced bone pain like this that lasted months? I have been researching and my sympoms keep coming back from anywhere from discs to cancer and I'm freaking out about the latter! Any ideas what all this could be? I had no injury and this is all happening on my right side only. Appreceiate any feedback.

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