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Re: Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)

Yep, when the dizziness or any head sensation came ANXIETY was horrible! It still is at times but not as bad as that one day. Try to look into a ear infection if you can? You might not have pain but get some drops of something like Mullein Garlic Oil or Nutribiotic Ear Drops and try them and see if you get a reaction! It could be a silent ear infection. I went to a doctor and he said it is an ear infection but in the right ear! Funny the drops kill something in both ears and they both react to the drops. I don't now fully if the anxiety is from the ear infection, but it gets less and less when you are treating it.

I would love to know what yours is? I still believe all that anxiety and reacting to antifungals is from an ear infection, hopefully with the drops it will be gone soon.