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Re: Sinus surgery?

Originally Posted by francesc View Post
Im certainly not rushing into it, especially as the CT report didnt seem to show much asides from deviated septum and the mucosal thickening.
I guess I just wonder if its still worth getting the surgery, at least the septoplasty? I certainly feel as if I dont breathe properly, and when the ENT did an in office endoscope he couldnt go into my right nostril as far as he usually could because of the septum encroaching into my right sinuses. And I dont think its allergies, as i dont sneeze that much (unless ive been swimming in a pool) and dont have itchy eyes. I still will get allergy tests first just to eliminate it (do have a family history of allergies).

How long should I use rhinocort aqueous to really decide if its helping me? I stopped using it last time cos it made my nose so dry it bled.
I don't know, based on my experience I think a deviated septum can cause a lot of sinus problems. Maybe get a second opinion and try some other treatments, if you would feel more comfortable with that before deciding on a surgery. I have no idea what rhinocort aqueous is do I can't really comment on that other than to say that anything that drys your nose out so much it bleeds doesnt sound good to me but I'm not a doctor and that's just my opinion. Ask your doctor about it.

In my experience nasal sprays have been quite useless, for me at least. And you also run the risk of rebound congestion as they are not meant to be used long term. Three things that have really helped me are daily flushing with a neti pot and homemade saline solution (cooled boiled water, sea salt and bicarbonate of soda), a humidifer and steam therapy with inhalant oils. They certainly haven't cured my reoccuring or chronic infections. But have helped relieve symptoms. I believe a sinus rinse bottle is even better but havent been able to track one down yet.

Also, allergies don't necessarily mean that you will have a lot of sneezing and itchy eyes. I have allergic rhinitis and while I do sneeze and have itchy eyes occasionally, in my case, allergies are mostly a skin and congestion issue. I break out in hives constantly during allergy seaon and my skin itches so much that I end up scratching it open. Anti-histimines help. Best to see an allergist and be sure if you have a family histiory of it and to rule it out as a cause for your sinus issues.