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Do I need to treat thyroid too, or is it enough to treat the adrenal fatigue?

I am confused about the difference between symptoms of adrenal fatigue and the symptoms of hypothyroid, and the relationship between them. If I have been treated for adrenal fatigue, and most of my symptoms are cleared up, do I still need to worry about hypothyroid?

I will list my thyroid test results over the years first, then a brief summary of symptoms/treatment.

Date: 8/05
TSH: 1.590 (norm 0.465-4.680 uIU/mL)
FT4: 0.91 (norm 0.59-2.19 ng/dL)
(FT3 not tested)

Date: 7/08
TSH: 2.56 (norm 0.40-4.50 MIU/L)
(FT4 & FT3 not tested)

Date: 2/09
TSH: 2.79 (norm 0.40-4.50 MIU/L)
FT4: 1.4 (norm 0.8-1.8 NG/DL)
FT3: 304 (norm 230-420 PG/DL)

Date: 10/11
TSH: 2.13 (norm 0.40-4.50 MIU/L)
(FT4 & FT3 not tested)

Date: 3/12
TSH: 2.71 (norm 0.40-4.50 MIU/L)
(FT4 & FT3 not tested)

8/05 (age 30): Recent move out-of-state. Symptoms of debilitating fatigue, brain fog, hot flashes whenever breastfeeding, migraines, PMS irritability, etc. Previous history of miscarriage and/or heavy bleeding at 7-8 weeks during last 2 pregnancies. Weaned 2yo; took assorted vitamins.

7/08 (age 33): Huge amounts of stress for the past year. Continuing symptoms; menstrual cycles/luteal phase shortening, some depression, low body temp at times, cold, easily overwhelmed. Took OTC B-vitamins and DHEA, and hoped for the best.

2/09 (age 34): Depression and anxiety much worse; so enveloping that I couldn't see them until after seeing some improvement with progesterone cream, prescribed in 2/09. Went to doctor when frequent depression convinced me I had to do something. Continuing symptoms; low blood pressure at times, especially in summer/heat; low blood sugar at times, especially with caffeine; insomnia, especially before period; lactose-intolerance a new issue. After 6 weeks on progesterone cream (20mg/day), began seeing tremendous improvement; anxiety and anger returned if I ran out. Using Jarrow-brand PS-100 to help with insomnia.

1/10 (age 35): Added prescribed DHEA and hydrocortisone (5ml) to regimen, with good improvement in remaining symptoms. (Did saliva hormone & cortisol testing. Thyroid hormones not tested.)

5/10 (age 35): Fell and broke left hip.

10/11 (age 37): Finally got a doctor to agree to a DEXA bone scan: T-score of -1.6 (diagnosis: osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis). Increased Vit. D (blood level was 30), added calcium, and weight-bearing exercise routine (still working on getting that done regularly).

At this point doctor started lowering hydrocortisone dose: from 5mg to 3mg, then in 6 months 3 mg to 2 mg, then in 6 months 2 mg to 1 mg. Every time dosage is lowered, anxiety symptoms return to varying degrees for a couple of months before things level out again; have had to use anti-anxiety med, then wean off. Currently using essential oils for cleansing and adrenal support, and have not needed anti-anxiety med.

Current: Continuing symptoms are migraine headaches, which no longer respond to excedrin (I take imitrex/alleve/sudafed for them) (triggered by sinus congestion, eyestrain, end/beginning of menstrual cycle, and/or stress); occasional heart palpitations (last about a minute, then go away); increasingly short menstrual cycles (last one 21 days) of irregular length (anywhere from 22 to 29 over the last year, average 24/25 days); periods that completely stop for about 24 hrs on the 3rd or 4th day, then start up again; some problems with orthostatic low blood pressure, esp when hot out, but not as much as before treatment for adrenal fatigue.

A friend and I were discussing hypothyroid, and she thought that a TSH level chronically above 2.0 could signal a problem. Other than the cyclical migraines & short menstrual cycles, I'm not sure I really have any hypothyroid symptoms; it's difficult to tell what the crossover is between adrenal & thyroid issues. And despite weight gain being a symptom of both adrenal issues and hypothyroid, I have never had any problems with that; sometimes I struggle with keeping weight on. (I am 5'5" and weigh 113 lbs.)

Should I leave well-enough alone? Pursue more thyroid testing? If so, what should be tested, and how? Thanks.

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