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Re: Can't get PSA to zero

We may have been off track after all and I'm a little confused. The original levels (PSA 7, testosterone 10) were measured with tests ordered by the oncologist in October. Labs ordered a couple weeks ago showing PSA 15 and testosterone 45 were ordered by a second doctor (integrative medicine) and performed by a different lab. This week we were retested by the oncologist / original lab and results show PSA 17, testosterone 8.

I don't know where the testosterone result of 45 would have come from but the oncologist says it was wrong. He also says testosterone of 8 shows the lupron is suppressing production as it should, and that hormone therapy is failing.

I asked for DHT levels but we don't have the results back yet. The oncologist ordered this only to humor me. He says DHT has to be low if testosterone is low. He just left for ten days so when the results come back the office will contact me but I won't get an interpretation for awhile. Also he never checks DHT so I don't expect much insight. What are we looking for with DHT as far as levels and what will that indicate?

The oncologist also said that since hormone therapy failed so quickly (we began Lupron in late September, see my first post) that alternate hormone therapies are likely to fail. "This has taken a lot of bullets out of the arsenol" was his quote. He is sending us for a CT and bone scan next week and recommends chemo (Taxotere) next. As originally presented, chemo was to be an end- game treatment. Is that truly the next logical step, and nothing else is on the table?

Thanks for any insight...

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