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Re: One eye still blurry 2 days after Lasik

Oh Strawxberry! Fear not, I very much doubt it's that serious long-term.

Having said that, 20/200 or 20/400? That does sound bad for day 3, but aren't how that would normally be measured. What was your original prescription, and what procedure did you have (LASIK or LASEK, 'Intralase/bladeless/femtosecond/all laser' or with a microkeratome)? Mine was LASIK Intralase starting with a -10 prescription and took about a week to get an idea how it was going; that's when I had the first proper eye test. Have you had an eye test yet, and if so what were the readings?

(The bad news is that mine deteriorated quite a bit from that one week figure, ending up -1 and -3, i.e. still needing glasses - but with them, I'm 20/20 or better, and can have a re-lasering in the next few months which should leave me glasses-free.)

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