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Elevated CRP, beta globulins, and sed rate


I was dx "fibro" 7 years ago based on a collection of symptoms that couldn't be explained by other issues due to negative autoimmune panels, though as time has passed my symptoms do not appear to be fibro. Ex- I do not have the tender points, depression, IBS, malaise, etc. I DO have several neurological issues and joint problems, facial nerve pain, plus HSV (chronic cold sores).

I am currently a diagnostic patient at Mayo- undergoing testing for MS and confirming my trigeminal neuralgia, plus a consult for rheumy in March. In addition to this I consulted with an infection control doc who rx'd daily valtrex for my cold sores.

One thing that is lingering is the fact that my CRP and sed rate have been consistently high during these last seven years and within last two years my beta globulins have been high and creatinine low. I have been tested for multiple myeloma and tested negative two years ago. My ANA, SS, scleroderma, and RH factor are all negative. This is quite perplexing. I am apparently in a chronic state of unspecified inflammation. According to all mainline teaching hospitals and diagnostic centers- in fibro only these lab values do not go into abnormal ranges.

So, do any of you have consistently high lab values in either of these categories as related to ONLY fibro? Or have you had high levels at one point then later developed abnormal levels in specific panels for lupus, sojgrens, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, etc?


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