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"Lazy eye" & other things from childhood may be related to MS?

Hi! I was diagnosed with MS in September. But I was thinking back to my childhood the other day, and I actually think when my first MS symptoms appeared I was around age that at all possible? I am 26 now. I had Amblyopia(one BAD eye/lazy eye) since i was a child(not cross eyed just horrible vision in my right eye, and 20/20 in my left). I have also always been very lethargic(my mom actually called me spacy & even "boring")always felt like i was on "autopilot" bc i was so lethargic. I hated it. But anyway, theres also other things from my childhood that im starting to think were maybe early indications of that possible for it to begin in childhood? I had SUCH a hard time with school..they diagnosed me with inattentive ADD, but now im starting to think maybe it was just my cognitive issues due to MS. So anyone know if the neurological issues/MS can start in childhood??

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